“Elyod’s coaching is persistent and challenging. Persistent in the way he    continues until results are achieved. Challenging because he makes you think in new possibilities. Both are factors that have you leave his coaching  session with renewed motivation and energy, and with an experience that    it is easy to think ‘outside the box’.”

It's time to...

'tomorrow' Strategy Session


25 minute session or call

  • Goalsetting for the neurodiverse and highly sensitive, ambitious dreamer.
  • Plan according to your personality type, energy levels and more.
  • Your ambitions shouldn’t ‘feel’ like hard word although they are.
  • Plan around your weaknesses, and cater to your strengths.
  • Dare to dream… big.

'to:day' Power Through Session


15 minute session or call

  • Feeling stuck? Power through immediately.
  • Break the cycle of analysis paralysis.
  • Keep your momentum growing, flowing, showing, glowing.
  • Creative ways to get unstuck and remove the blocks.
  • Get motivated!

'yesterday' Clear Up Session


35 minute session or call

  • Clear up emotional baggage from your past.
  • Let go of the hurt you’ve been holding on to.
  • Finally release, let go and let God.
  • Smile again, and go laugh in the places you’ve cried.
  • At long last… have peace.

ambitious, sensitive, dreamer

the faster you go, the slower you arrive.