Attract the money you need for the lifestyle you desire

Workshop Program
  • 01.
    Monetary history
    • First things first... context. The value of having the proper financial context, gives you the ability to master your emotional responses to financial dealings better. And it gives you a perspective and overview that brings a more peaceful direction for your economic journey.
  • 02.
    Emotions: resolving financial trauma
    • In this part of this workshop you learn how to deal with all the negative emotions regarding money, and avoid feelings of fear, greed, shame and guilt. You will learn how to connect and tune into the flow of abundance, allowing you to attract the money you need, for the lifestyle you desire.
  • 03.
    Getting organized
    • In the first part of this workshop you learn practical solutions for investing, saving, budgeting, getting out of bad debt. You will learn fast, fun, and efficient money management that allows you to get excited about your personal finances.
  • 04.
    Wealth building principles
    • As well as the same principles and timeless strategies for wealth building used by the ancient mesopotamian empires. Understanding cashflow, msi, pyf and other financial concepts - in order to transform your lifestyle.
  • After
    you will...
    • Feel peaceful, joyful and motivated regarding the subject of money. Having the practical tools to transform your financial situation. And feeling how easy it can be, to attract the money you need. Be connected with the flow of abundance.
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