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Years Experience

You are born as a question mark? and throughout your life you attempt to find answers to give meaning to the questions you have. The same questions we all have… who am I? what is the meaning of life? how the world works? and what life is?

We’re all looking for answers to the same questions, but we search in different books. The to:day philosophy provides you with an overview and a vantage point (a child like zero point), and again reinvestigate those questions you started with many years ago. Challenge what you now believe, discover new avenues of experience that have been there all along. This is ‘the process’ of the ‘?’ becoming an ‘!’

Beyond narratives and commonly accepted views you begin the journey of self-discovery, by finding out for yourself… who and what is actually truth.

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who you are? where you are? what life is? and what you are?

Perception arises and takes shape through the structure of the following three components: Your self-image, your world-image and your life-image. The answers you believe or identify with affect the choices you make and as such the life you lead. Those answers you adhere to is your Perception, they shape how you perceive. The answers you believe about yourself, about the world and about life form the views that you have and as such create the life that you lead – whether favourable or not.


when are you? what time is it? how do you know?

In this chapter we will investigate the concept of time - what it is, when time is and where time is, as well as strategies for you to leverage your experience of it. You will learn the history of timekeeping, the 3 major ways of relating to time, and how you can leverage your view of time in your life, thus making it clearer for you... when to:day is.


how does it feel? how often? with how much intensity? in what situation?

Emotion or energy is about how you experience energy and how you use it. The simple principle here is that ʘ, is. That everything has an energy and that is energy is continuously transmuting into other forms.

How do you effectively release past things that have hurt you? as well as fuel future aspirations? how do you clear up things blocking you from being grateful and present to:day? How to release unwanted emotions. How to have more peace. And mastering your inner world in this regard is mastering this transmutation of energy, and particularly this emotional energy.


where does yours go? how does it flow? where does it move you?

An invisible substance that molds, directs and manifests into both circumstances, as well as your experience of those circumstances. An astounding force that transforms ideas into physical reality. A dynamic momentum that translates into an intimacy of living. An efficacy that empowers every choice that you make. ! = Attention.

You apply it whenever you read, learn, perform, think… it’s part of everything that you do. The structure of it defines the ‘reality’ wherein you believe yourself to exist. You're constantly making choice of where to direct it, and thus, your life experience takes shape accordingly. Attention is the nourishment of all your ideas, as well as the ideas of others.

when you woke up yesterday it wasn’t the past, and when you wake up tomorrow it isn’t the future. your life is always… to:day. Click here to buy the book
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