from childhood trauma to professional sports, GQ and HBO drama

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brief overview
  • childhood
    • from a broken home and the childhood trauma of a violent alcoholic father, being the emotional support to my mother in her depression and bullying in school. as the middle child of three, I took on a leadership role not meant for a child. from literally raising myself I became very self-reliant. and from hardships came an emotional mastery that I use in my coaching sessions to show you how to overcome your limitations and challenges.
  • pro athlete
    • as many children in the nordic countries elyod began by playing soccer, followed by a brief moment of handball, he picked up a basketball at the age 15, and within three shorts years, at the age of 18 he was practicing with the best in the country, the pro level team called 'Bakken Bears'. he then played at the pro level in the Danish league for HIC and BK Amager, as well as summer league pick up in New Jersey, USA.
  • modeling
    • ensuing his professional basketball career, elyod began modeling at a small local agency in Aarhus, and quickly changed to an agency with a more international scope, and apart from Denmark, has had agencies in Prague, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Cape Town while living in South Africa. working for H&M, Mercedes Benz, GQ and more.
  • acting
    • elyod has a supporting role in 'Kamikaze' on HBO (spring 2021) - the first Danish HBO Europe show by Profile Pictures. he plays lead in several independent short films and stars in the music video 'Lionheart' by warner music hip hop artist Negash Ali. As well as been an extra on the set of Lars Von Triers 'The House That Jack Built'
brief overview
  • the faith
    • a believer in the truth of God's word in the bible, elyod believes that The Lord Jesus Christ is precisely who He says He is. John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”
  • the book
    • from childhood trauma to professional sports, international modeling career and acting on HBO. this book titled to:day details the philosphy, the mental tools as well as the emotional strategies that elyod has used to overcome his personal hardships, deal with nay'sayers, destroy limiting beliefs, strengthen self-esteem, dare to pursue his dreams, handle failure, set and reach goals, as well as build a new identity freeing yourself from the all to common victim mentality. this book does more than just tell you what to do, it teaches you how to think and approach your challenges from a position of empowerment. you will learn how to finally stop trying to be 'perfect', clear up your emotional baggage, how to set and reach goals that actually matter to you, never struggle with self-esteem the same, discover a more truthful and authentic self-image and the awesome power of not caring what others think about you. don't wait for someday, start with to:day
  • the tribe
    • we know that the journey can be hard, but you're not alone. when you join the to:day tribe you join people just like you; in your twenties, ambitious, caring and committed to making a difference with your life. tired feeling uninspired at school? working a job that doesn't fulfil you? dare to dream? friends trying to quench your fire? family want you to be 'realistic'? join the to:day tribe, we hate that stuff too...